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Download printable stretching exercises for employees & a proper computer ergonomics tip sheet.

For twenty years, Schubbe Resch has specialized in employee wellness programs working with local employers and employees to evaluate safety, posture, comfort and efficiency in the workplace. Ergonomics, the study of how the workplace and equipment used there can best be designed to maximize productivity, is one of our specialties.

Schubbe Resch has worked with major corporations and businesses such as Bemis Curwood Company, Perfectseal Inc., Tidi Products, ExoPack, SCA Tissue and Menasha Packaging. Our program has helped these companies reduce recordable injuries, improve employee morale, and reduce both health insurance and workers compensation costs. Our chiropractors and therapists have presented more than 1,000 ergonomic presentations to more than 30,000 employees throughout the Fox Cities.

Each program is individualized based on the specific needs of the employees. We offer group presentations and evaluations but highly recommend meeting face-to-face with each employee to design a plan based on their individual needs. Individual evaluations include posture analysis to body mechanics at personal workstations.

Here are some exercises that we have developed to help employees in a manufacturing work environment, as well as a guide for setting up the proper computer workstation.

To find out more about our ergonomic services, or if you have questions or are interested in scheduling an ergonomic presentation and evaluation for your company, please email (Appleton) or (Neenah) or call (920) 738-0200 (Appleton) or (920) 720-0660 (Neenah).

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