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Ergonomic Assessment & Workplace Wellness

On-site Injury Evaluation and Injury Prevention Management services to reduce workplace injuries.

David Gunderson performing an ergonomic workstation consultation with a client.A proper ergonomics program not only fits the work for the worker, but also fits the worker for the work. Some cumulative trauma injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome occur because of poor work design - these must be corrected, if possible. However, an ideal ergonomic workstation does not necessarily force the worker to work properly or take proper care of the working body. An effective prevention program should address preventive stretching, posture relief, job rotation, alternative material handling techniques, training in personal work habits and self-care for the working body.

"We have worked with the chiropractors and therapists of Schubbe Resch Chiropractic & Physical Therapy for almost 20 years in educating our employees on the importance of proper lifting techniques, the value of exercise and proper work station set up. Four years ago, we made the decision to bring a Schubbe Resch consultant on-site weekly and have never regretted that decision. We have been able to head off numerous potential ergonomic injuries and greatly reduce our recordables because of this. The therapist also works with our people on non-work-related issues that they may have which also benefits both the employee and our company. I have found their services to be very effective and affordable, and would highly recommend their services." ~Neal Richter, Safety Manager at SCA Tissue

Schubbe Resch treats a variety of injuries resulting from a variety of causes. Although many of these injuries may result from a single incident, just as many, including carpal tunnel, have a gradual onset with no clear cause. Many low back injuries become acute after bending to pick up a pencil or paper. These are the result of cumulative poor body mechanics, poor flexibility or poor lifestyle habits. This could become work related if the “incident” happens at work or the employee starts reasoning that the issue must come from something they are doing. Add an aging workforce (with a gradual loss of strength and flexibility) and a tendency to compensate for limitations, and you have multiple factors that can lead to an injured worker. The goal of onsite services is to identify issues and symptoms as early as possible and eliminate them. Work and non-work related issues are treated equally.

We have worked with numerous companies to address work issues that put employees at risk of injury. This includes assessing risks from an ergonomic design, assessing cumulative motions and postures, assessing form of the worker and assessing knowledge of the worker in preventing injury. We have evaluated whole companies, specific workstations or individual employees.

Benefits of onsite injury prevention and ergonomics services:

  • Educational presentations on ergonomics, low back injury prevention, sitting on the job, and overuse injuries
  • Ergonomic work station evaluations
  • Address safe worker body mechanics and behaviors
  • Teach proper care of a working body: How and when to stretch; strength exercises; lifting form; how to react to aches and pains and what to expect
  • Ongoing evaluation and instruction of  non-work and work related issues, with consistent follow up to react to changes, progress as tolerated and see the problem through completion
  • Early intervention of mild symptoms while they can be managed and before they become complicated, compensated or work related
  • Employee education on expectations of specific sprains and strains to alleviate concerns and avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor
  • Provide instruction on modification of activities (work and non-work) as needed to manage issues
  • Ongoing communication with employee and with management regarding an individual with a work-related issue. This may include progress, compliance, job modifications and factors outside work
  • Input with management regarding light duty, job rotations and job modifications and ergonomic factors
  • Manage and monitor non-work related issues to prevent them from becoming work related
  • Ongoing individual instruction on a variety of healthy lifestyle choices

If an employee requires further evaluation, they can be sent to our office for x-rays and further diagnostic tests. The doctor will do everything to prevent a recordable during this visit, if appropriate.

For information on our corporate safety services, please contact Chris Resch (Neenah) 720-0660, or or Becky Ploederl (Appleton) 738-0200, or

Companies we've worked with

Schubbe Resch works with the following companies providing weekly On-Site Injury Evaluation and Injury Prevention Management:

  • Alta Resources–Neenah
  • Bemis Converting Films–Oshkosh
  • Bemis Specialty Films–Oshkosh
  • Bemis Inc.–Appleton
  • Bemis Inc.–Neenah
  • Bemis Inc.–New London
  • Coveris–Neenah
  • Menasha Packaging–Neenah
  • SCA Tissue–Menasha
  • SCA Tissue–Neenah
  • TIDI Products–Neenah
  • Zebra Technologies-Greenville
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